What Dr. Irwin Can Do For You

sample imageDr. Irwin is an Ohio lawyer who helps physicians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists and other health care providers get through very difficult situations in their practices. Dr. Irwin is also a licensed physician and, for nearly 40 years, he has protected healthcare professionals. During that time he has handled thousands of malpractice cases and has  represented providers in state licensure, impairment, peer review and hospital disciplinary actions; dealing with medicare/medicaid and other carrier audits and repayment claims; OIG/DEA/FBI investigations; handling employment matters and essentially doing anything to help a physician, nurse, dentist or other professional keep their license and career.

There are many lawyers who practice healthcare law, but very few went on to medical school after law school, as did Dr. Irwin. You don't have start from square one and teach him the science, medicine or practical realities of your issue.

Dr. Irwin's lifetime of experience in both professions enables him to do the best, most efficient job for his clients. He represents clients across the country. If you are a professional whose career is in jeopardy because of a legal problem, contact Dr. Irwin stat. Call 440-337-9484 or send an email to john@johnrirwin.com

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